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Why is our Postage Expensive?

We realize that our Postage & Packaging (P&P) prices may seem high. Although, as our clients are our number one concern, we hope the following reasons highlight how fair our P&P prices truly are:


Postage Rates – We have surveyed and studied multiple companies for the best shipping prices (UPS, Fedex, TNT, DPEX, & more) and the most reasonable is Thailand Post.  We have a near perfect track record with Thailand Post over the past few years and their services are professional and reliable.  The P&P prices are for shipping prices worldwide!

If our clients have their own preferences, please do let us know and we will gladly calculate accordingly.


Insurance – Our P&P includes all fees, taxes and also tracking service for all parcels.  The Tracking service does increase the cost of the P&P but it ensures reliability.  We would be extremely disappointed if your Penny Cottons purchase doesn't reach you which is why Tracking is very important 


Dispatch time – We only take up to 2 business days to dispatch our parcels.  We are aware that how long it takes for a parcel to arrive which is why we make an effort to dispatch the parcel as quickly as possible.


Delivery Time – Thailand Post has informed us that delivery times may take about 2 weeks.  Although, on past dealings, some of our clients have received their parcels earlier than listed.  We cannot guarantee the early receipt although we have received near perfect feedback with the services from Thailand Post.


Cheaper P&P? – Yes, there is a cheaper way for P&P with Thailand Post, this would be by Shipping.  However, shipping will take a minimum of 3-4 months. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions :)